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Choosing the Right Stairlift for your Home


Just as every person and home is different, so are your stairs. Accessibility and mobility are very common issues in a lot of homes. Is going up and down your stairs every day a daily struggle, it can be frustrating and reduces your independence to your home. It is now time to consider having a stairlift installed in your home. Stairlifts will give any mobility limitations the luxury of going up and down staircases easily and safely. Stairlifts are safe, easy to use, and the perfect solution for you to enjoy full independence throughout your home. There are many different options for you to choose from on the market.

Types of Stairlifts

The type of stairlift you need will depend on the design of your stairlift in your home. There are two types of stairlifts available on the market today these include Straight and Curved stairlifts.

Straight stairlift

Straight stairlift tends to be the more affordable option, and they will only travel up a straight staircase. They are fitted to the stair thread rather than the wall of the stairs. They are powered from the mains.

Curved stairlift

Curved stairlift is able to glide across the landing and go around bends, turns, and twists on the stairs. They are made to order and to fit your staircase. They operate on a rail that fits close to the wall, even on tight bends.

Contact a stairlift company

Prices can vary between all companies so it recommended to contact a few different companies for their prices and what stairlifts they have available. Once you have booked the manufacturers or supplier will visit your home.

Measuring your stairs

The company you have chosen for your stairlift a qualified stairlift surveyor will arrive at your home to take some measurements of your stairs. This will ensure the stairlift is the right size and customised for both the stairs and for your needs.

Stair Lift Features

Stairlifts come with many features these include seat swivel, easy to use controls, and a footrest. These are designed to make your stairlift that bit easier to use and make them a lot more comfortable.

Swivel seats

Some swivel seats are powered. The motorised aid swivel mechanism turns the seat automatically when it reaches the top of the track. This will allow the user to get on and off the lift more easily.

Easy to use controls

Your controls will be chosen on whether you are right or left-handed. The stairlift company will have options available for you to choose from. Remote control handsets provide an effortless and convenient movement of the stairlift.


All stairlifts feature a platform footrest on which you can rest your feet. Both the footrest and seat can flip up so that the lift won’t take up too much space on the floor when not being used. Some models may have a controlled footrest. The overall user experience will be easier for those with strength or mobility restrictions.