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Hiring a Home Cleaning Service in 5 Steps


Plenty of people need the help of the professionals where cleaning their home is concerned. There are many hurdles, like busy schedules, physical impairments, allergies and more that can prevent a person from keeping their house as clean as they know it can be. While you might be considering hiring a home cleaning company, you could be like the many others before you who have no idea where to start. In this brief guide, we’ll give you 5 steps to hiring the perfect cleaning service for you and your home.

  • Get referrals. Do you know anyone who has recruited the help of a home cleaning service before? Ask them who they hired and what their experience was like.

Even if you don’t know anybody who could refer you to a cleaning company, you can go online to read reviews of local service providers. Online reviewers are incredibly honest about their experiences.

  • Determine your budget. This is important to do early on so that you don’t end up wasting your time researching companies that fall outside of your financial limits. If you’re working with a particularly small budget, consider which cleaning tasks you could omit when you request the cleaning company’s services. The fewer tasks they are required to do, the less you will be charged.
  • Estimate how long it will take to clean your home. If you have a very large house, you can expect that cleaning will take much longer than if you lived in a small single-story home. This will factor into your budget (mentioned above) and help the cleaning company understand what they can expect when they arrive at your home.
  • Buy your preferred cleaning supplies. Cleaning products and tools are expensive, some more so than others. If you have a preference as to which supplies you want used in your home, it’s best that you buy them yourself. The cleaning company may not be able or willing to purchase these items on their own.
  • Make sure the company is licensed and bonded. The best cleaning companies are insured to protect you in the event of your items becoming lost or broken. Cleaners are still human beings, after all, and they’re capable of making mistakes just like anybody else.

To help safeguard your possessions, let the cleaners know ahead of time which items in your home are particularly valuable or fragile.