History and Standards

Bob and Gayla formed B&G in 1998 as an alternative to the standard cleaning services. A majority of the typical services today sell cleaning based on time-blocks. Often, these services have high employee turnover, in fact, the national average turnover rate for housecleaners working with commercial services is six months. The reason is because the typical service sends teams of cleaners to 3 or 4 homes per day. Housecleaning can be difficult work, and many people get 'burned out' after a reletively short time. For the customer, this can mean having different people in your home every few months. In addition, many services instruct their employees to skip areas of the home if the time-blocks you paid for run out, in order to move on to the next home of the day. And although these services can be good, they also do a great deal of 'spray and wipe' cleaning because the workers are under time pressure.

What B & G offers customers is totally different. YOUR home is the only home we will be doing on your cleaning day. We clean your home from top to bottom on every visit, and we do not leave until the job is done.

You can find cheaper service, but we are there 'When You Want The Best.'

An Excerpt From Our Book: "Neat and Tidy."

As we learned the business, we decided we didn't want to be like the other cleaning services.  We changed the whole concept of how most housecleaning services are run.  First, we didn't concentrate on speed-cleaning in customers' homes.   We focused instead on high quality and what Gayla termed 'presenting' the home.  When we hired people to help us, we didn't take advantage of them or send them to more homes each day than was realistic.  In fact, we did many things different than the 'other' services. 

There are some basic facts about most housecleaning companies.  One is that they have a lot of employee turnover.  According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average turnover rate for housecleaners is 3-6 months. This is because many cleaning services run their employees right into the ground. Another fact is that these same cleaning services have a lot of customer turnover, as well. 

            We say many services, because there are a few good ones.  We like Merry Maids, but only because they screen the help fairly well before they hire. However, the majority of cleaning companies only care about the bottom line, and in so doing, they miss the point of what homeowners who hire housecleaners really need and want.  The real money is in getting customers who stay with you for the long term.  Quality work always finds a market.  Quality housecleaning attracts good employees because the best housecleaners get personal satisfaction in a home well presented.  The good ones hate to rush through and run.  Quality work also makes your business stable, and furthermore, customers are gladly willing to pay premium prices for it.  When homeowners get quality cleaning service, they worry about whether or not you might drop THEM as customers, not the other way around! 

Most cleaning services still don't understand what is important to their customers.  A housecleaner is not the cable guy.  You get to know your housecleaner.  You have to be able to trust your housecleaner, since they have access to your home, your personal possessions, your children, even your pets.  That's why people don't like cleaning services who send different workers to their home all the time.  Customers prefer to see familiar faces at the door when cleaning day comes, people they can get to know and trust.  That's impossible with most services because the best workers are always moving on to another service or going out on their own.