In The Community

The Auburn Days Festival

Bob and Gayla are on the Planning Committee for the annual 'Auburn Days' festival. Our job is to organize the literary events that happen the second weekend of every August at the Auburn Avenue Theater downtown. The city closes off traffic to downtown Auburn from Friday evening until Sunday night. Then vendors, live music, food sellers, and other events set up on the streets for the weekend.

This picture was taken last year by Bob at the kickoff event for the festival, 'V.I.P. Night'.  It was held at Veterans' Memorial Park in Auburn. On the right is the Pioneer Queen for the festival, on the left is Miss Auburn 2013.

The theater event THIS year starts on Saturday, August 9th at 9:00AM. Famous Northwest writers will be doing readings and signing books all day. B and G provides free bottled water, pop on ice, and small snacks to anyone who walks into the theater, whether they attend the literary readings or not. This is because the theater is a designated 'Cooling Station' for the festival and is air-conditioned. There are also public bathrooms. On Saturday evening, Bob and Gayla will run a free movie after the readings. On Sunday, there is a Poetry Event all day at the theater with prize baskets. For full details, see the Auburn Days Website or the Auburn Days page at Adventure Books of Seattle.