Prices - What Does It REALLY Cost to Hire a Housecleaner?

The cost varies a bit from home to home. We bid each potential customer in person, making notes about things such as: square footage, number of rooms, number and size of bathrooms, the amount of stainless steel used in kitchens (more difficult to clean), the types of floorings you have, and the general condition of the home. We also ask if people will be home at the time of the cleaning, because when any cleaning service has to work around customers, it generally takes a bit longer to complete the clean.

As a general rule of thumb, we often charge a minimum of $90 per floor, based on a two-story home.

If you are a one-time-only customer, the price is usually a minimum of $175 per floor. This is comparable to the commercial services, who usually charge at hourly rate of $40 or more. For one-story homes our minimum price for regular service is $180.


However, we do better work than the commercial services and we are much more trustworthy. People call us when they want their house scrubbed from ceilings to baseboards without having to worry if the 'time-blocks' they paid for will run out before the house is completely cleaned.

We do not bid homes by the hour, nor do we ask customers to make 'priority lists.'  With our type of cleaning, generally we will be spending from 5-7 hours in your home each time we visit. Since we clean your home for a fixed, pre-arranged rate, this makes it easier to calculate your household budget. There are no hidden fees. All cleaning supplies are provided.

We offer an extensive list of long-term, satisfied customers you may contact as references. Many have been with us for more than five years. Some have been with us for more than TEN years.