What We Offer

DUSTING:  Full high-dusting, all dusting top to bottom of baseboards.

No spray-and-wipe cleaning. Full cleaning of all fixtures, mirrors, lights, showers, toilets, and baths. Floors are hand washed.

Remove trash, load or unload dishwasher, full cleaning and polishing of all appliances, including stainless steel polishing. Floors hand washed.

ALL OTHER AREAS:  Vacuum, edging, mopping, dusting, baseboards, clean out window tracks and blinds. Some window cleaning is done if it adds to the presentation of the room. If windows need extensive cleaning, sometimes this is scheduled separately. In this case, we also remove the screens and wash them by hand.

GENERAL:  Mostly hand-washing of vinyl and hardwood floors, vacuum all carpets, including throws.

ADDITIONAL SERVICES AVAILABLE:  Window cleaning, heat register clean-out, rental property restorations, bathroom fan cleaning, minor household repairs.

Generally, we perform what it called the 'Presentation' method of cleaning homes. This is a system of starting at the top of a room and cleaning right down to the floor, while doing small things along the way that 'presents' the room for the client.

Many happy customers, some of whom have been with us for over TEN years, testify to the success of this system. References from long-term customers gladly provided. Licensed and bonded.

We do a much more thorough job than the commercial services. Typically, YOUR house is the ONLY house we will be doing on your cleaning day. Commercial services send their crews to 3-4 homes a day, rushing through each one to move on to the next one of the day. We are NOTHING like them.